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Our Process

Castleparquet / Our Process

From the early selection stage to the final product

We feel it is important to ensure that the timber used to create natural wood floor is grown and harvested whilst maintaining the biodiversity and ecosystem of the forest. We do our best to ensure that the floor you select has been sourced with care and consideration for the environment. And guaranteeing the future of the forest.

Wooden flooring products are just like humans – every tree is individual and unique as this is how nature works. From the early selection stage we pay a great attention to every detail. This is to make sure that the promise of a great natural product will be fulfilled at the end of the process.

Castle Parquet floors are born thanks to relatively quick process of ageing using only natural oils and colorants. The process takes around 4 weeks and develops color and natural beauty of wood and every detail of the texture.

How we manufacture our natural wood floors

The mixture of oils we use in the process contain hard waxes and silicic acid which makes our floors more resistant for abrasion, scratching and liquids. What also makes our floors unique is that the edges of planks are hand-treated the same way as the top surface which gives the floor additional protection against liquids.

Our aim is to deliver only the best quality product, focusing on manufacturing using sustainable and ecologically friendly materials where possible.

Castleparquet Consultation

The Consultation

From the early stage of a project we provide assistance with interior design aspects. As well as technical advice and bespoke design service for your individual requirements. We carry out site inspections and provide quotations without obligation and free of charge.

One of our team will come to your home or site for a consultation and design service. We work closely with you to achieve a design that is both aesthetically beautiful, but also fully functioning and equally important, within your budget. We can also work from drawings from architects, photographs, magazine cut-outs or a simple just a sketch drawing. The aim is to bring your idea to life.

Our we believe unique service as a part of consultation process is to deliver samples to site or your office. On time requested by you and also free of charge and with no obligation.