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Natural Wood Floor Maintenance

Castleparquet / Natural Wood Floor Maintenance

Maintenance & Aftercare

We can also offer a wood floor maintenance and full aftercare service. Whether it be just an advice, annual oiling, repairing or replacing seriously damaged planks.
Natural oiled floor needs to be properly maintained. For best result another layer of oil must be applied soon after floor installation. The process should be repeated ideally once a year. However, proper floor care will let you enjoy the beautiful and natural floors for years.

Applying natural oil keeps the natural look and scent of wood. It assures deep impregnation and relatively quick and cheap repairs. On the oiled floors scratches are not as visible as on varnished ones and the cracks doesn’t change the color of the wood. Smaller scratches also quickly disappear thanks to “swelling” of oiled wood.

More serious scratches can be quick and relatively cheap repaired “locally”. Thanks to those properties our oiled wood floors are perfect in areas exposed to sand, dirt and in the high traffic locations. Also more seriously damaged planks can be quite easily replaced.

However regular cleaning and wood floor maintenance is the best way to keep your oiled wood floors looking great for many years.

Simply brush or hoover to remove surface debris. In order to achieve the best cleaning possible mop the surface using natural soap products. This highly concentrated soap is specially formulated for cleaning and maintenance of oiled wooden surfaces, suitable also for furniture, kitchen surfaces, and all indoor wood.

Although our floors are resistant to any liquids such as water, coffee, tea, wine, beer, milk, coke juices etc. any spillage should be wiped up.
Never use “All Purpose” cleaners or any other not intended to use for oiled floors detergents.

You can tell your floor needs re-oiling if:
– floor easily gets dirty
– surface Scratches becoming visible
– wood feels or looks dry/grain feels more noticeable
– floor shows signs of wear

Simply contact us to arrange re-oilng service or ask for DIY instructions and product recommendations.
A detailed brochure of products available and aftercare instructions is provided on installation completion.