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Liquid Metal Finishes

Castleparquet / Liquid Metal Finishes

Liquid Metal Finishes

“Liquid Metal” finishes by Castle Parquet are hand-crafted and unique so no two finishes will ever look the same. No one will be able to produce identical work once again. That is one of the beauties of the product and is compelling for architects and designers who are always pushing design barriers. It is also important for clients looking for the individual and unique.

However it is a little bit different story when you want to achieve smooth semi-matt or polished surface kind of sheet of given metal surface. This can be achieved with spraying techniques to any surface and shape like MDF or wood wall panels, signs, doors, architectural projects, custom tiles, furniture, sculptures, picture frames etc. All with authentic appearance, look and feel of solid metal and fairly easy to copy on another surface.

Our metals can be processed seamlessly and are also ideal for three-dimensional objects.

Using our highly secretive and phenomenally versatile process we are able to work with the imagination of designers and customers to create a range of bespoke metal coatings on an array of surfaces. Actually imagination is the only limit.

Virtually unlimited number of colours and textures can be achieved by mixing various metals with other ingredients. Bronze, brass, copper, iron, aluminium or nickel mixed in appropriate proportions create extraordinary effects like various shades of these metals as well as brand new colours e.g. Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Rich Gold, Gunmetal, Silver etc.

Black waxes and patination formulas can also be used to create different effects.

Castle Parquet liquid metal coatings are extremely durable and beautiful, suitable for indoors and outdoors use. UV Resistant and non-toxic.

Metals may be sealed with hard wax oil, or a clear coat urethane for ultimate durability.