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About Castleparquet

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Hardwood Flooring

About Castle Parquet Ltd.

We are a family-run business with over 25 years` experience in hardwood flooring and joinery. We are manufacturers, merchants and installers of the highest quality naturally oiled oak flooring.

Our service is focused on unparalleled quality and the client`s satisfaction. The attention to every detail that we pay, from timber selection to the creation of every product, ensures the best results. Which will bring you delight for many years to come.

Floors we offer are manufactured using only the highest quality natural oils and colourants. They contain a mixture of hard waxes and silicic acids, making them more resistant to abrasion and scratching. They also increase significantly the water proof properties of the wood,  yet they are perfectly safe for children.
Unlike most other wood floors we do not offer UV treated products. Instead like our partners do, we use for our own products only natural vegetable oils. The whole process takes more time but when every layer of oils dries naturally it increases the durability of the surface and maintaining natural character and scent of the wood. Additionally the edges of every plank are hand-treated with oils in the same way as the top surface. Thus giving your floor extra protection against liquids, which means that our floors are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Being a relatively small company yet with years of experience, give us an advantage of the flexibility the client desires in every respect. It has been proved over the years working closely with architects and interior designers.

At Castle Parquet we do it all bespoke ensuring that our quality products always meet with client`s satisfaction. Even our hardwood flooring is made to order which means we can dye the planks to any color and manufacture it to any size. Although we love experimenting and developing new finishes to custom orders we have developed 18 amazing standard finishes through the years (please see the gallery). As well as over 100 finishes offered by our partners this include various size and surface options along with abundant choice of parquets.

We offer one of the widest choices of hardwood flooring in UK.

Hardwood Flooring

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